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April 2, 2022


In that meeting, the High Commissioner explained some of the notable achievements of President Bio’s Administration in the fight against       corruption; the investment in the country’s human resource through the Free Quality Education; the enhancement of food security and sufficiency through the president’s agricultural programmes; gender equity and equality programmes; infrastructural developments, etc.

On 21 March, 2022 High Commissioner Bundu joined the Community and Sierra Leoneans in East Africa in the celebrations of Sierra Leone’s belated Independence Day which was held at the chancery’s premises in Nairobi. That celebration united all the Sierra Leoneans living in East Africa into one big family with a singular cultural heritage.

The most prominent among the celebrants of that occasion were the Director General of the United Nations     Office in Nairobi ( UNON), Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura; the President of Sierra Leone Community in Kenya; a cross-section of Sierra Leonean Students in East Africa; a cross-section of Sierra Leoneans in the UN system, etc

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