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Sierra Leone like many African countries is taking giant steps towards economic diversification; it has a bright economic prospect. The country is rich in natural resources especially diamonds , gold, bauxite and aluminum. Growth is expected to accelerate to 3.1% in 2021 and 4.3% in 2022 (Africa Development Bank).
In diversifying the economy and decreasing its reliance on the minerals, agriculture is projected to grow at an astronomical rate; this has to be spurred by increased investment and expansion in the crops, livestock and fisheries. Activities in agriculture, manufacturing, construction as well as the resumption of iron ore and bauxite production and export, will certainly improve the country’s export potentials, put a dent in poverty, creates employment facilities, increases the foreign exchange earnings and improves the quality of lives of the people. Sierra Leone is optimizing its touristic potentials and that sector will soon become a key driver to the economic development of the country.
Sierra Leone’s revenue authority is currently augmenting ongoing domestic revenue mobilization efforts by deepening ongoing financial sector reforms to support domestic market growth.