Welcome to Sierra Leone High Commision in Nairobi,Kenya

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Sierra Leone-Kenya

“The Sierra Leone High Commission in Nairobi was established in November 2018.Initially, it was primarily active in development co-operation, currently the focus is on governance and human rights. In addition, the SDC has a regional office in Nairobi from where it co-ordinates humanitarian aid for the region."

The contemporary ties between Sierra Leone and Kenya have now evolved into a robust and multi-faceted partnership, marked by regular high-level visits, increasing trade and investment as well as extensive people to people contacts.

Key Aspects of Diplomatic Relations

Political relations are good, Kenya is important for the political stability of East Africa and is economically the most powerful country of the region. Sierra Leone fosters economic and cultural relations. Nairobi hosts the fourth-largest UN office. The Sierra Leone High Commission represents Sierra Leone’s interests in the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Economic Cooperation

Although Kenya’s economy is diversified, about 75% of the population works in agriculture. Flowers, tea and coffee are its main export goods.In 2013, Kenya was Sierra Leone'’s fifth-largest trading partner in Sub-Saharan Africa; the volume of bilateral trade in 2013 amounted to KES 108 million. Sierra Leone imported almost exclusively agricultural products, while it exported primarily pharmaceuticals and chemical products..